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The NWAJUG was founded in April 2001. The NWAJUG has roughly 25 members, and two listservs for announcements and discussion. We are affliated with the JUG Ambassador Program, and have contacts in the Northwest Arkansas developer community. Meetings are infrequent, and scheduled on an impromptu basis. There are no membership fees at this time.

Contact Info

Primary Contact: Michael Akerman

Secondary Contact: James McCartney

Programs & Projects

Developer Library

Manning's Web Development with JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition is available for loan to all NWAJUG members.

Manning's Bitter Java is available for loan to all NWAJUG members.


The listserv archives for JUG-ANNOUNCE and JUG-DISCUSSION are web-browsable. Also, information about subscribing, unsubscribing, or modifying your listserv settings is available here.

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